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Update Satlink WS-6909 V1.8 29.10.2011

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Thank you so much, i just did a backup of loader+application, if you want i can post it here for someone that will need it.  ;D

If you want, of course  :)  nice to here it worked for you

Hi All :)
I just upgraded my satlink ws-6909 to the newer firmware finded here and is really nice; some (little) visualizations aren't anymore present but lot of most importants things and functions are present now.

For other users i post my experience  :D

I had the T+S_1.6 version (for those of you that need the original fw i attached it to this post) and the most important problem that i experienced is that it doesn't recognize and visualize mux on VHF band, while for UHF seems to be ok.

For example in my city there is a mux on channel 7 VHF (191,500 MHZ) and i receive it without any problem with my dvb-t; However the ws-6909 doesn't recognized it and only showed that the strength was 99% (No ber, No S/N, No dBuV; all zero).
When i upgraded to 1.8 the problem persisted but this time i'm able to see the dBuV measurement and it says that is 75-78.

Another think changed from 1.6 to 1.8 is that the multichannel section has changed in graphics and the S/Q/# (zoomscreen) of Strength and Quality doesn't contain anymore the indication of dBuV (PowerUnit) but doesn't matter.

Hope that future release will fix the VHF problem :)

Hi!  :)

I have a brand new ws6909, but in dvb - t mode i cant get image :D because in my coutry (Portugal) the system is mpeg4. is there any firmware for this meeter with mpeg4? ::)

Best regrats to all
Filipe  8)

Hi all, there are some rumors about a new firmware for this instrument calle "may 2012 version 2.81" someone has some news about it or does anyone knows what are the features of it?


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